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Thanksgiving Day Etiquette

a Thanksgiving turkey

Welcome back to 501 on First Blog! November is the month for giving thanks, and today, we want to help you prepare to make Thanksgiving a pleasant experience for everyone. Here are some Thanksgiving etiquette tips to keep in mind, whether you’re staying in your apartment or heading elsewhere in or around Rochester, MN:

Offer To Help

A Thanksgiving meal is a big undertaking, and while many people are skilled and organized enough to be able to pull it off on their own, others might need your help! Offering to do something simple like bringing a side dish or a dessert will open up space in each chef’s kitchen so they can prepare their meal with a little less chaos crowding their home, their schedule, or their mind. So contribute to whatever meal you’ll be eating at, whether you’re bringing a drink, dish, table centerpiece, decoration, or silverware or plates. And if you can’t bring anything (or if you can but still want to help), offer to help clean up to further lighten the load.

Be On-Time

No matter how small or large of a part you will be playing in your Thanksgiving meal preparations this year, getting everyone to be there and be ready with the food on time is a definite art. Depending on which dishes you have to prepare and how much last-minute cleaning or decorating you have to do, you may even need to start prepping a few days in advance. Just plan out how much time you’ll need for cooking, decorating, cleaning, setting up, and traveling so you’re not the one everyone’s waiting on.

Keep the Conversation Light

This holiday can be infamous for starting up heated conversations over the table, rekindling old feuds, or making way for discussions about controversial topics. Do your part to create and cultivate a welcoming, safe atmosphere for everyone attending your dinner so you can strengthen relationships or simply so you can all eat in peace. If you’re not sure what to talk about, do what feels natural. Ask others to fill you in on what they are doing in life, and be supportive and happy in your responses. Bring up fond memories if you’re feeling nostalgic, or solidify your plans for upcoming events and holidays so you can all be on the same page. Be personable so everyone can spread that same attitude around.

What other Thanksgiving day etiquette tips should we remember? Let us know what we’ve missed by leaving a comment! Thanks for reading!